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Best Nail clippers for baby to buy in 2020 [reviewed]

Babies have very little control over their hands. They often scratch their faces and that’s painful and leaves mark on their faces. Parents are often found worried about their toddlers hurting themselves as their nails grow so rapid that you need to trim them twice a week.

David Geller, a pediatrician in Bedford, Massachusetts says “It gets serious when they put their fingers in eyes. It can hurt their cornea. Even the scratches on skin can turn into infections.”

Using the adult nail clippers can’t be a good choice considering their skin and tiny little fingers.

Things to consider before buying a nail cutter
  • Size of the nail clipper should be small and fit for the little fingers of your kid
  • Handle size should be large enough to provide a firm grip to the parents
  • Torch or lighting for cutting their nails in proper light
  • Magnifier lenses for a clear view of the nails
  • Decide whether you want to buy a mechanical or electric filer. Parents fail to keep their baby static while doing the manicure. In such cases, electric filer comes handy.

Best electric nail trimmers for baby in 2019

Currently there are many nail clippers in the market. Electric nail clippers have replaced the traditional one. However we are listing the top picks with their review and ratings.

Before you buy an electric nail filer for your baby

  • Check if you can control the motor speed as per your convenience.
  • Check if it is suitable for the age of your baby.
  • Check the battery duration, how many batteries it needs.
  • How silent the motor is. Make sure the vibrations created during the manicure do not become irritating for the baby.

1. Electric nail filer from Cherish

This compact electric device is a perfect choice for trimming your baby’s nail while having fun with them. It is extremely quiet and safe (almost zero vibrations while trimming the nails). It has speed control with 4 different filing discs to chose from.

  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Good grip over the handle
  • Multiple filing discs as page the age of the baby.
  • Extremely low chances of damage or harm to baby nail-beds.
  • No torch or magnifying lenses

2. Baby electric nail filer manicure set

electric nail filer

This is one of the best selling items in electric nail clippers section. It has a motor with adjustable speed and 6 different grinding heads for babies of different age. Even adults can use it.

  • Electric motor with adjustable speed
  • Good grip over the handle
  • Makes very little sound so you can trim the nails when your baby is sleeping
  • Gentle grinder and a torch to ensure that you won’t cut baby cuticles or nail beds.
  • Vibrations of the motor are disappointing

Mechanical nail scissors/filers

Using scissors or mechanical nail filers is the traditional way to cut your baby’s nails and it is safe too, if you take care of these important points while using mechanical baby nail filers:

Before you buy a mechanical nail cutter

  • There should be no sharp edges on the cutters or filers. Prefer rounded clippers or cutter.
  • The size of the product should be small enough to fit perfectly to the babies nail.
  • It is good to have Led lights or magnifier lenses as they help you do the job safely.
  • Make sure you have a good grip over the edge you are going to hold. Large edges give you a better control

1. Baby Nail Kit by ARRNEW

It is a 4 in 1 manicure set. Fingernail clippers, scissors, nail file, and tweezers are packed in one set.

  • Price is low
  • Suitable for newborn’s fingers
  • Rust free stainless steel blades
  • 4X magnifier lens for clear view of the nails
  • Nail cutter edges are sharp, it may cut the cuticles.

2. Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

  • Price is low
  • Suitable for newborn’s fingers
  • Rust free stainless steel blades
  • 4X magnifier lens for clear view of the nails
  • Nail cutter edges are sharp, it may cut the cuticles.
  • Edge is small and slippery
  • Magnifying lens is not as good as they claim

3. Simba Baby Safety Scissors with Circular Cutter Head 

nail clipper
  • Scissors with circular head
  • Large edge to fit adult’s finger
  • Tough to use on hard nails

Frequently asked questions

Electric nail filers or traditional nail cutters, Which one is safe?
Electric nail trimmers are undoubtedly the best. The problem with mechanical nail cutters is, they often cut the cuticles and it is way too hard to keep the toddler static as they move too much.
Can I use them on my newborn or X months old baby?
Parents are advised to be extra cautious while dealing with a newborn. Give them a month before you start trimming their nails. Be extra careful with them.
All the above products are suitable for babies of 1+ months.
Can we buy the rotating blades of electric nail filer?
Yes, the grinding heads can be removed easily and even if you have lost them, you can buy them individually.