Size Guide

This guide will help you buy items with accurate measurements. Before you purchase anything for your child. Make sure you map the size with this guide.

We generally try to describe the product size with the age of the baby. However, this guide will help you with accurate size in centimeters. if you have any further query, reach our customer support team on WhatsApp or Messanger.

For Kids Shoes and Socks

kids shoes size chart
Size Sole Length (in cm)Baby Age (Months)
Size 111 cm0-6 months
Size 212 cm6-12 months
Size 313 cm12-18 months
Size 414 cm18-24 months
Size 515 cm24-30 months

Kids Clothing

Below is the chart to help you with Kids clothing. Make sure you chose a right fit for your child.

Kid Size Body Length(cm) Size Sleeve Length(cm) Pant Length(cm) Height Range(cm) Chest Width(cm)